Meet Ninon


My name is Ninon, I'm 46 years old and after having been a globetrotter and lived several lives in several countries, I became a globemother in 2008. What I love most is exploring the world with my little bunch and sharing our adventures. I have many different skills - I am a writer, a French translator, actress and director, and I always want to show that it is never too late to go on an adventure, that the world is beautiful and full of extraordinary people. Born in Paris, I have a strong Anglo-Saxon heritage, so the English language and culture are an integral part of our family life. With my husband, the bearded educator, we founded The Ways 2 Teach,  a professional journey with which we will travel all over the world starting in September 2022. Welcome to my worlds, I hope to inspire yours! And if you want to work or collaborate with us, please contact me here.